Karndean Flooring Hadleigh

Karndean flooring’s popularity has grown substantially in recent years. All their products have been specially designed to look and feel like natural flooring, but the advantage is that they have none of the drawbacks associated with the real equivalents.

The beauty of Karndean is that all their products are virtually indistinguishable from the materials that have been inspired by. Their product’s strength, durability and performance are what elevate them from most of other types of flooring, and arguably makes them rival to the products that they are emulating.

Karndean floors come in hundreds of styles, such as:

With a huge range of Karndean products displayed our showroom, we welcome you to browse through the hundreds of grains, styles and textures that are available.

When you have decided on the Karndean flooring that you want to have installed, we have Karndean approved fitters who have fitted hundreds of Karndean floors flawlessly that have transformed the rooms that they have been installed in.

If you have any questions about our Karndean products or our Karndean flooring fitters, we welcome any enquiries over the phone, email or in person at our showroom in Hadleigh.


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